Certain Attitudes May Change Pretty-damn-quick, Later This Year…

I see that anti-vaccine attitude or vaccine distrust is actually on the rise in this country. I think we’re in for around 600,000 or more NEW covid deaths this year. Because we blew our chance to head off the pandemic. I predict that  as people begin to see more and more others dying around them, in their community, they’ll change their minds about the vaccine, and about masks. Too late, they’ll suddenly GET a vaccine and wear masks, out of sheer terror.

Ignorance, sheer stupidity, a resistance to scientific fact–and then terror. The terror of realization. The horror of “oh my God what have I done, death is coming for me.” To think it must come to that before people grow up and accept wearing masks and social distancing and the vaccines. The misinformation, the antivax foolishness, is prolonging the pandemic.  We could have had herd immunity. We could have had most of the pandemic over by now.  We could have been in sight of not needing the masks.

But no. You can thank Florida, you can thank Texas, you can thank all the red states for the new coronavirus surge; and thanks to the foulest-smelling corners of the internet for the antivaccine lies, the anti-science ignorance, the conspiracy theory stupidity–thank all of the moral imbeciles of the web for the prolongation of the pandemic. If your loved ones die from covid-19 this year or next–you know who to blame.

This guy has it right: The consequences will be deadly if we don’t fight vaccine misinformation”

Bio Tech Orchard

I’ve got an amazing device in my yard. It extracts chemicals from the soil, then it sends them to a smaller mechanism on its upper part that separates out just the right chemicals, according to a code, combines them in a precise and predictable way, so that it creates a sort of small globe. When the globe seems the right color I extract it from the device and take a bite of it. It’s amazing–its chemicals were combined to make an “apple” taste & texture. What company makes “apple trees” anyway?