Oh, Sweet Lies, how Comfortable They Are

“Now, proposals to divert carbon dioxide from smokestacks to vast subterranean wells are regarded…as crucial to any hope of meeting the world’s climate goals. The Biden administration’s plan to zero out emissions from the power grid by 2035 hinges on the success of colossal carbon capture…” – The Washington Post today.

If congress had forced the energy industry or if industry chose to make a difference they could’ve spent the money to radically (and successfully) reduce emissions through developing new scrubbing technology. But they cheaped-out. Now they want to do this dodgy sequestration stuff. How long can that go on?

Biden is between a rock and a hard place. He doesn’t have the authority to just order industry to install new scrubbers, and to shift over to clean energy. He doesn’t have the political power to get new laws done. He’s pushed his EPA and he’s gotten what he could get done in congress. The carbon sequestration “solution” is outright desperation.

The power brokers fouling air and water, the greedy thugs behind the catastrophic greenhouse effect, cheerfully rationalize their unsustainable industry; most of them believe their own lies. They cultivate self-deception and rationales, they polish excuses till they’re blinded by them, hypnotized by them. They rationalize us into cancer and climate change. They bask in lies as in a tub of warm water.

The water will begin to seethe, and will cook them in time…



“Looka me, I’m an artist!”

“Look! I told AI to put a unicorn horn on an image of my boyfriend! And I said, add Pegasus wings to him, and it did! I’m an artist!”

“Look, I told AI make the queen of England have a fly’s mouth and it did! I’m an artist!”

“Look! I told AI make flowers with 5 kindsa petals and now I’m an artist!”

AI art programs are predators, hunting for prey

Good music can be AI-imitated well enough so that many people will be fooled, but *very* good music and really truly earthy music that has *that certain feel* of the human experience in life will not, imo, be duplicable.

AI will find the imitation of banal music, and banal art, to be easy prey.

I use the word ‘prey’ regarding the art, music and writing that AI sucks up and imitates. I do not use the word with imprecision. I assert that chatGPT and Suno and Udio, et al, are essentially shapeshifters, like the pod-people in movies who take you over, and use your form, destroying the original person in the process. AIs of this kind are designed to predate. They are designed to devour and digest. The predator leaves the bones of creators behind, within its scat.

SEE: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/udio-ai-music-chatgpt-suno-1235001675/

I have a pet monkey. It’s part of me.

I have a pet monkey. Not a chimp or bonobo, but it resembles them: it’s my body. My body, with much of my brain, is a largely primitive primate; hunting about, acting on impulse–if I let it. I have the poor thing mostly trained, after fifty years trying. I have compassion for it. I give it treats. I say things to it, to comfort it. It is not me, but it provides the simple firmware I use to support the vehicle I now move around in.