A Micro-review of POOR THINGS

POOR THINGS. 10 minutes in, I thought, “A tiresome over-arty obliqueness imitating David Lynch, & trying to fuse Frankenstein, The Miracle Worker & Dr Moreau.” But then it soon came together–& it triumphed. A steampunk-surrealist coming of age story from a hilarious perspective. Gorgeous. Brilliant acting, sets that would have made Fellini jealous.

Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe.

The trailer:


Trump is the bad comedian who won’t leave the stage because of his sick relationship with certain members of the audience

Trump is a japing babbling senile spittle-spraying 1959-style comedian who’s guilty of rape and keeps getting away with crimes and yet still gets to go up on stage and do his stand-up set for people who pretend to like him because certain lies and unadulterated hate feel good to them.

I see Mitch McConnell is now endorsing Trump. McConnell destroyed America as we know it during Obama’s term: McConnell organized to block Obama’s Supreme Court pick. This led to the right-wing-sycophant dominated SCOTUS we have now, which has allowed the Confederates to win the Civil War after all.

And Trump laughs and slaps his knee and raises a noose in place of the American flag and he hugs the noose and says, “I got noose for you, people! I’m going to be President for life!” And his audience laughs and applauds.

Has the Presidential Election Been Bought by a Counterfeit Currency?

If national polls are to be taken as a general trend lasting into November, then it could be that Trump will win against Biden. It’s a real possibility that this man fighting 91 court charges could once more be President. It seems that voters are being bought–purchased by the counterfeit-currency of lies. The GOP message to voters is: “you will bank more money if Trump is elected.” A lie…but…


Greed is an altered state. It’s a kind of drunkenness. It makes people stupid. More likely to believe lies.

Yes, Biden made a mistake, with respect to support on the left. He shouldn’t have eagerly leapt at supporting Israel’s retaliation against Hamas’s brutal incursion of October 7–a retaliation which Netanyahu’s political opportunism turned into a panoply of war crimes. But the latest Big Lie from Republicans is a simple falsehood endlessly echo-chambered: the claim that Biden’s economy is faltering. And Trump will, supposedly, put more money in the public’s pocket. The average person will probably feel some shame, in voting for Trump. They know he’s a rapist, a liar, a con artist, and they may even suspect that he is a Russian Kompromat. A traitor. But they’ll vote for him out of kneejerk, salivating GREED. “I’ll have more money in the bank if Trump is elected.”

They won’t be proud of it. But many of them will do it. Partly because they believe the lie about the economy. Partly because of simple…