The Truth Protects Itself

The truth protects itself. So I can put this here, and there’s no harm in it. Only one or two people, if that many, will take it in.

The inner of the inner circle, the esotericism of esotericism, is the refinement of attention into a field, that encloses oneself, that acts as a kind of magnifier for the absolute intelligence, which is always trying to reach us. Attention itself, when fully activated, is the real third eye. There are certain practices that suddenly reveal what is actually meant in Thunder, Perfect Mind. These are forms of meditation that, in the end, are all the same form. These forms of meditation (ultimately all the same form, arrived at in different terms) do not involve chanting. They do not involve visualization. They involved feeling and sensing more and more refinedly, in a particular praxis, until you see what people glimpse on drugs–but you see it clearly; you may hear other people thinking; you feel–as another Gnostic text says–a fullness, an intelligence that is also radically simple. You become conscious, and suddenly the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita and the Gospel of Thomas and Krishnamurti make sense. Duality is like the two feet you stand on, and your body is unified. One no longer identifies with emotional pain; you can feel it passing through, you treat it compassionately, but it doesn’t capture you anymore. Vanity, ego, doesn’t die–you just put it on its little shelf, and wear it as you might wear a tiara. But you are not your tiara. All that happens–from a very simple process strenuously pursued.