A short review of SISU

I saw SISU. This movie is cinema at its purest. I seem to see cinephile references to Dr Strangelove and possibly even Indiana Jones in this–in a way, it’s about if Indiana Jones became a monomaniacal killer. (Just killing Nazis.) A Finnish Indiana Jones who only says twelve words in the whole movie. Naw, forget Indiana Jones. It’s kind of like a Spaghetti Western but way better than most Spaghetti Westerns. Quentin Tarantino vibes. In a good way. Believable? Don’t worry about it. Jalmari Helander wrote and directed it.


I saw a SPIDER THROW A TWIG yesterday….I watched Brunhilde the garden spider repair her web after a windy night. I don’t generally like watching spiders as I have primeval-fear issues with them (I suspect, and I am not joking, that some of us have DNA memory from proto-anthropoid ancestors who were at risk of being caught and eaten by giant Shelob-scale spiders) …but I became interested in this very large, bulbous-rumped gold and black garden spider, who was repairing her web in my front yard. I got so involved I gave her a name, Brunhilde (the ones in the big webs are females).

I noticed she was working deftly to disentangle a very small twig from her web; I watched her unfasten it and I was stunned to see her *throw it*, using two forelegs, almost like throwing a spear, to get it clear of her web. I didn’t know they did such things.

She then went about repairing damage to the little radial connectors between the circular webbing. She did something else I didn’t know they did, then–normally, spiders seem to build up webs by extruding them directly from the spinnerets on the tips of their abdomen. But as I looked closely–my face just six inches from this large spider!–I saw this one dip the very tip of a tarsus, the end of her leg, into the glue pot of her spinneret.

She then stretched the web goo *from the tip of her leg* to replace short connective links between two web circles. It was like a paintbrush sort of movement with the tip of the foreleg, or like the use of a brush from a glue pot, but it stretched a short line across. I was impressed with her deftness. And seeing her in the sunlight I had to admit she was rather pretty.

I spent enough time watching that I became rather caught up…as if in a psychological web…and hence named her, and then found myself worrying about her last night during a bit of a rainstorm we had. Then I laughed at myself. Worrying about a spider! What a dolt!

John Shirley CD /Book Bundle

“Horror, sci-fi and Cyberpunk legend John Shirley has teamed with guitar ace and musical dynamo Jerry King (guitarist & songwriter for the bands Moon X and Cloud Over Jupiter) for a third album, ESCAPE FROM GRAVITY. For a limited time, order a physical CD of this ground-breaking album together with John’s new edition of Really, Really, Really, Really Weird Stories! Several of the songs on this album were adapted from poems appearing in John’s 2021 poetry collection, The Voice of the Burning House. Like the previous Shirley/King collaborations, this album fearlessly explores mind-bending themes with virtuoso arrangements… Shirley’s weird stories, lyrics and vocals will combine with Jerry King’s music to melt your brain!” – Available as a CD/Book Bundle on www.jackanapespress.com/product/john-shirley-cd-bundle

bad apple

There’s value in the “one bad apple spoils the barrel” adage. I leant over an apple barrel and saw one rotten apple spreading its rot to a sound apple; I heard the apple whispering, “Communism is the only solution.” The barrel’s label? ‘Anarchist Apples’. Another barrel, ‘Communist Apples’, was succumbing to an anarchist apple. I decided to crossbreed anarchist apples with communist. The result, anarcho-syndicalism apples. But what’s this? One of the hybrid apples is rotten! “Libertarianism is the only solution,” it whispers.

You’re Probably Better Off Choosing Not to Believe That this Could Be true

There are esoteric teachings stating that after death, there is something that–to a greater and lesser degree, depending on the person–may survive for a while. It is a kind of energy-form, possibly in plasma form, that is held in shape by electromagnetic fields, or some other particle-theory-based field. It has some self awareness. It disintegrates, on the death of its biological host, and fragments of it can be consumed by other more permanent, more complex energy forms, which use it as fuel. It’s a naturalistic view, not a supernatural one. These are all creations of the universe, somehow spun off by evolution.

Anyway, one’s actual selfhood–according to the teaching–usually disintegrates *if* one hasn’t been conscious enough in life. Literally conscious, not, like ‘politically conscious’ or something. Most of us live our lives semiconscious. If one has been actively moving in the direction of consciousness, in the course of our human-biology life, a natural process takes place, rather like a seed sprouting, leading to the creation of a more permanent self-aware energy form which has a kind of subtle biology and has senses and memory. It can resist the predators, in the afterlife, just as a man in the wilderness can resist being eaten by a wolf or lion, through his intelligent evasion or self-defense. This entity then cooperates with others of its kind, in a kind of community, which works to try to cultivate more sturdily conscious forms from the cellular / genetic creatures found where humans live, in the substrate biology of our planet.

This is an actual teaching–I’m not making it up. Just because someone teaches it, somewhere (and has taught it for at least 2500 years), doesn’t mean it’s true.