Yes, a study shows AI’s rise is having an enormous environmental impact: major tech companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Meta combined more than doubled their energy consumption between 2017 and 2021.

But hey, don’t be concerned. Worship this Golden Cow robot generated by AI! WORSHIP IT!


 They eat the lies at a steaming trough

Seething, sluicing; never enough 

They spout flies, after feasts on lies 

The flies lay eggs beneath oily skies

 Larvae crawl, burrow in ears 

Thrive in muck alive with fears 

Mouths open, spouting new flies 

Seeking a trough, to fill it with lies

When Cthulhu Sat in With My Band

Here’s a photo of me and my band The Screaming Geezers performing with Cthulhu at the Lovecraft Bar in Portland. Cthulhu often sat in with my band–very good drummer–struck the skulls quite rapidly, as a percussionist. You could say Cthulhu was…a fixture at this bar. I think we were performing our song Runaway Python, a song Cthulhu liked: it reminded the elder god of an old serpentine pal.

And here’s a link to that song: https://soundcloud.com/john-shirley-12/runaway-python