Elon Musk’s Twitter will let the barbarians rampage through the gates

Elon Musk is, after all, purchasing Twitter. In the grip of his libertarian fantasies he’ll allow Trump and every other source of misinformation to post there, easily doubling the amount of misinformation racing around in the teeming world of the attention-challenged slackjawed gullible, and that’ll be the last straw for democracy; the straw that broke the camel’s back. Democracy right now is teetering like a tightrope walker in a high wind. There is no net to catch this tightrope walker. Lies are winning. Elections are undermined by the Big Lie….

The only thing Alex Jones ever got right is that there is indeed a “infowar”, a war of information–and those who believe in democracy and standing firm against theocracy, have lost that war. We have lost to the likes of Alex Jones and Donald Trump. We have simply failed to understand the nature of the media battlefield.