My Self-driving car experience

My youngest son Julian bought a Tesla for 35 thousand dollars cash (and I mean he gave the guy a bag of cash!) and I took a ride in it with him. Lately it’s been upgraded to drive itself with no driver control whatever, if that’s chosen, on any street. It scared me by seeming to dart around too rapidly—but I learned after that my son had programmed it to go 20% faster than any given speed limit (yes it knows all the speed limits wherever it is). It navigated successfully but it was all quite eerie. Has a bullhorn feature where you can set it to amplify anything you say from the car to the world so I yelled a few rude comments at random that echoed down the street from the Tesla. Comments included, “Fuck Trump!” The Tesla can be programmed to “aggressive” or a sort of meek self-driving. I much dislike Musk, who’s gone totally far-right and antisemitic, and who is oppressive as a boss, so I wouldn’t have a Tesla. The self-driving cabs being tested in San Francisco are appallingly problematic. But I would purchase a self-driving car of some non-Muskian origin IF it were shown to be really, truly reliable and safe. Thus far–they aren’t.