Plagiarism Programs

Writers who respect copyright, intellectual property, and writers’ dedication to their art will *not* use programs that scan published text to help fake “writers” work up material through AI programs. I sent a cease and desist to to take down their use of my novel Stormland, 1000 words of quoted prose, and end their usage of it. There are class action suits coming, against these outfits. They took down the Stormland theft soon as I mentioned lawyers.

People who use programs, AIs especially, to create “art”, visual or in writing or musical form, are hurting not only the culture–but themselves. They’re weakening their own creativity. Because creativity must be stretched and developed through effort in order to flower. They also enfeeble their own experience of art. They will lose capacity to grow as artists. A pretty picture etc is easy–and it will atrophy their creativity. And what they do produce will soon be a bore to everyone.