Something Can be DONE about LEAD IN CHOCOLATE

The lead and cadmium in chocolate scandal led me–a sad, dissolute chocoholic–to ask what’s the safest chocolate, and how they can get the lead out. The “safest” brands are Mast, Ghirardelli, and Taza.

But why have ANY dangerous metals in cocoa? I suggest that manufacturers/ growers:

1) find alternative growing areas, as the metals are coming into the trees from the soil. And perhaps lead can be removed from plantation soils.

2) breed cocoa trees that don’t uptake lead and cadmium

3) find ways to extract these toxins from the chocolate.

4) Look for ways to reduce lead contamination during drying and processing.


Start the movement and chant, “Get the lead out, Chocolate Makers! Why wait? Get the lead out of chocolate now!”

If you wish to ask the chocolate manufacturers to do something about lead in chocolate for your sake as well as your children and grandchildren, you can write to The National Confectioners Association at & say “why have ANY dangerous metals in cocoa?