CHATGPT is just another kind of street hustler

Chatgpt is a hustler. You’ve met hustlers who are glib, and use glitzy, sweet or high-carb elements plucked from some repository of trite panaceas, to try to daze and dazzle you. Scammers using buzzwords, programming–your programming–to draw you in. Chaptgpt is a hustler, a fast talking scammer, hustling you into accepting a glossy surface, an egregious dumbing-down of culture, in exchange for superficial ease, haste, evasion of effort.When you realize you’re scammed, it’s usually too late.

True, ChatGPT isn’t a literal self-motivated hustler–it is not sentient. But it is the product of humans. It’s programmed to be a hustling program. Its programmers and promoters know it’s not even half of what they want us to think it is. The program itself is just a program. But then–most hustlers are little more than that. Being clever enough to con people doesn’t mean you have a soul.

ChatGPT and AI art programs converge to guarantee mediocrity in the arts. They will proliferate more and more and blur the lines so much only blurs are left. The art programs make effects so easy, they’ll blot out depth and mastery; ChatGPT will corrupt education even more than it already has–countless ChatGPT ghostwritten papers are already being turned in–and it will bombard fiction publication until publishers and readers surrender like starved soldiers who can no longer bear the shelling.