They’re Endangering Lives With Ludicrous Falsehoods

Here’s a headline for you: Models predict U.S. coronavirus infections could surge this fall if vaccination rates lag, former FDA chief says.

There are dangerous, highly infectious variants of covid out there. Despite some progress, we’re not out of the epidemiological woods yet. People who refuse the covid vaccination because of their willingness to believe absurd anti-vax fairy tales–vaccines will “change your DNA”, vaccines will “interfere with your pregnancy”, vaccines will “make you ill”, vaccines will “magnetize” (!) you–are endangering lives. People will die as a result of these lies.

But there are those who are essentially too lazy, too uninformed to get the vaccine. Youngest adults are least likely to be vaccinated, and their interest in shots is declining, CDC finds. Yet the danger of covid is still quite alive! …It’s very simple. Whatever native, innate intelligence these kids have is woefully eroded by the mind-numbing of social media, by the hypnosis of Instagram and Facebook and SnapChat et al, and of course young people, on average, were never known for doing extensive research (yes I know about the exceptions), nor for thinking deeply about consequences. If they were doing their due diligence on this health crisis they would know that serious covid is on the rise among young people and they would know that NO, the pandemic is not over, we’re just making SOME gains–we’re making those gains because of…that’s rightVACCINATIONS. You know, the vaccinations the young people are stupidly not getting.

Anyone not bothering or refusing the vaccine is endangering lives. Not just their own.