“Toxins In Environment Radically Reduce Human Sperm Counts”

Yes the toxic flame retardants on our furniture,  and in so many other places, and the PFAs in food packaging screw with our hormonal development (as well as causing the extinction of frogs et al, when it gets into the water, along with other negative biospheric consequences), so that, among other things, sperm counts are lowered by HALF…It’s horrid and yet, it’s justice. Threatening sperm counts? I’m all for it. If it’s a case of humanity stalling its reproduction, vastly reducing our population–it might be the only silver lining on our disastrous stewardship of the planet. The fewer of us, the  better, at this point. Fewer humans–less damage.

Not only do we not deserve this planet, but if some alien invaders show up, shaking their weirdly-shaped heads over our mindless sabotage of Earth’s cosmically rare  life-diversity, then I personally would cheerfully hand them the planetary house keys.